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Celebration! 10 years IPv6 connected!

Party time!Party time! Today, exaclty today, this server is connected to the IPv6 network for 10 years!

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Slow performance

Currently my website has a bit slow performance. This is caused by a new project that I am working on :P

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New Stream2Dream version

As of 12 march LT Team has updated there supurbe Dreambox Image. The also updated there Stream2Dream player with the abillity to wacht Youtube movies.

So I made also an update of my Linux Stream2Dream version. So get the latest version here!

Watch here the promo movie of the LT Team 4 Revolution.

Livecounter code

Go to the website to get your livecounter code.

Free AJAX Livecounter

Get you free AJAX LiveCounter here!

This counter is a "Live" counter. That means that counts live the visitors on you site. And the fun part is that the counter can go up or down while you are reading a website. This is because the counter checks every 10 seconds if there are new visitors or that visitors have left. And the counter updates itself with the new number of visitors. The counter is displayed on the left site of this site. That is what it looks like.


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