Dreambox Restream 1.4.3 (Finaly!!)

Finally, here it is after a year of nu updates. Dreambox Restream 1.4.3!!! Get your version now. :) :)

This version took so long time because I was bussy with work and social live. So I had not much spare time to work in this software. And also I was waiting for the final Wowza Media Server 2 version. It is now needed for Dreambox Restream. The good thing it is free for personal use. Here are the instructions

Some new features are:
* Added authorization, so you can put Dreambox Restream in 'private' modus. So you can watch a movie without being interupted by other viewers.
* Added a tooltip on the program guide. So hover over the program title to get a small summary from that program.
* Added the latest Longtail video player (5.2)

If you have problems installing, you can e-mail me.

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